South Haven Antiques is at Sweet Pickins Antique Mall

South Haven Antiques is actually Booth 21 at Sweet Pickins Antique and Collectibles Mall.

I have been filling Booth 21 at Sweet Pickins Antique Mall for over a year now. It has been a blast! I have learned so much, bought and sold a ton of really cool stuff, and am so pleased to be a part of this fantastic Sweet Pickins “thang” going on here!

South Haven Antiques

Like shiny jewels!

If you have not been to Sweet Pickins Antiques and Collectibles Mall, located at 65181 M-43 Hwy, Bangor, MI 49013 for all of you who need directions, or need a address to punch into your GPS. It is about half way between South Haven and Bangor. Look for the BIG red barn with the flags out front.

When you walk into Sweet Pickins, someone is always welcoming you. I like that. They are friendly, personable, and knowledgeable. And if there are any home baked snacks that Annette has baked, DO NOT MISS THEM!

Booth 21 Sweet Pickins Antiques

Booth 21 is my booth. It has been such a joy to have found something I enjoy doing so much at this point in life. I have always collected things, but never really wanted to sell any of them. That is until my wife rented me this booth for our 18th wedding anniversary so I could lighten my load of barn stuff.

It has now become somewhat of a mild addiction hunting for items to sell in my booth. I just try to look for old vintage, antique, or collectible “things” that I like and think others may appreciate too! Priced very reasonable, because I know how much I like the feeling of getting a deal as well as you do.

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I have acquired many projects over the summer to work on this winter. I can’t wait for the new spring season opener at Sweet Pickins. There will be a short recess/break from December 23, 2012 and re-opening again on February 21, 2013.

So come out to Sweet Pickins and ask for Booth 21 – they will surely smile and give you directions. (hint: it’s the one with duck decoys above the booth!)

Have a great Christmas shopping season and don’t forget that the best, unique gifts for that special person are right here at Sweet Pickins Antiques and Collectibles Mall. Don’t forget that South Haven Antiques and Booth 21 sent you on this fantastic voyage.

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