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When You Search For South Haven Antiques…  2016

Sweet Pickins Antiques

The 2016 Sweet Pickins season has started! We are fully loaded with super cool vendors and their unique items for sale.

Sweet Pickins Antiques and Collectibles has a variety of antiques, vintage, collectibles, and some gorgeous handmade quality crafts. With the many vendors comes a unique variety of items. Some you won’t see anywhere else.

Local South Haven antiques are much sought after. Stop in and see what we have. The items are always changing, so my motto is, if you see it and like it, you better buy it now. It may be gone if you take time to think about it.

South Haven Antiques

People looking for South Haven antiques or Sweet Pickins Antiques will find them right here at 81 Blue Star Hwy. That is the North Shore Drive round-a-bout intersection with Blue Star Hwy. A great corner to shop.

There is North Shore Garden Supply right behind Sweet Pickins Antiques, and The Transformation Art Barn next door. Then if you need lunch, Cousin’s Restaurant is kiddie corner to Sweet Pickins!

Sweet Pickins Antiques

The World Famous Booth 21

Sweet Pickins Antiques and South Haven Antiques is fascinated with the World Famous Booth 21! This unique picker has been with us from the beginning. You must stop and ask to take a tour of The World Famous Booth 21!

So whenever you are in South Haven Michigan, one of the interesting stops should be a trip to Sweet Pickins Antiques and Collectibles.

Sweet Pickins Antique’s hours are:

10AM to 5PM, Thursday through Monday
(Fall hours)

Telephone: 269-637-5111

So, a recap. When searching for South Haven Antiques go to Sweet Pickins Antiques and find that amazing piece or a whole bunch of incredible items to take home.

“Sweet Pickins!”

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South Haven Antiques

Super nice mid century Gunlocke chairs – Booth 21

Sweet Pickins Antiques

Christmas is coming!