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I have been a collector of vintage things as long as I can remember.  Being in Southwest Michigan by the Big Blue Water (Lake Michigan) there are a lot of old homesteads.  Many times these estates pass on to a younger generation who do not value old, vintage items as much as this old codger does.  So when they are offered, I buy.

I have a problem selling some of my purchases due to the fact that everything old seems to be of great value to me.  Not having a lot of money growing up, every purchase was significant and meant something.  Not like today’s society. A disposable society.

So when I get too much stuff and my life feels cluttered I sell my precious old vintage stuff. Usually to make room for more “new” vintage items.

So I decided to invest in a booth at Sweet Pickens, an antique mall full of vendors in a easy to get to building just north of South Haven, Michigan.  This is a new venture for me, having a place to actually sell from.  This place just felt right.  I believe it will become a real destination place for antiquers and collectors of vintage items and homemade crafts.

So be sure to stop in at booth #21 and you will realize my prices are very reasonable, even quite a bit lower than you would expect.  My goal is to give the person that buys one of my items the feeling that they just got a huge “feel-good” bargain on an interesting piece.

Watch the video –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7jveZOKANU

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