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When You Search For South Haven Antiques…  2016

Sweet Pickins Antiques

The 2016 Sweet Pickins season has started! We are fully loaded with super cool vendors and their unique items for sale.

Sweet Pickins Antiques and Collectibles has a variety of antiques, vintage, collectibles, and some gorgeous handmade quality crafts. With the many vendors comes a unique variety of items. Some you won’t see anywhere else.

Local South Haven antiques are much sought after. Stop in and see what we have. The items are always changing, so my motto is, if you see it and like it, you better buy it now. It may be gone if you take time to think about it.

South Haven Antiques

People looking for South Haven antiques or Sweet Pickins Antiques will find them right here at 81 Blue Star Hwy. That is the North Shore Drive round-a-bout intersection with Blue Star Hwy. A great corner to shop.

There is North Shore Garden Supply right behind Sweet Pickins Antiques, and The Transformation Art Barn next door. Then if you need lunch, Cousin’s Restaurant is kiddie corner to Sweet Pickins!

Sweet Pickins Antiques

The World Famous Booth 21

Sweet Pickins Antiques and South Haven Antiques is fascinated with the World Famous Booth 21! This unique picker has been with us from the beginning. You must stop and ask to take a tour of The World Famous Booth 21!

So whenever you are in South Haven Michigan, one of the interesting stops should be a trip to Sweet Pickins Antiques and Collectibles.

Sweet Pickins Antique’s hours are:

10AM to 5PM, Thursday through Monday
(Fall hours)

Telephone: 269-637-5111

So, a recap. When searching for South Haven Antiques go to Sweet Pickins Antiques and find that amazing piece or a whole bunch of incredible items to take home.

“Sweet Pickins!”

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South Haven Antiques

Super nice mid century Gunlocke chairs – Booth 21

Sweet Pickins Antiques

Christmas is coming!



Best South Haven Antiques – Sweet Pickins Antiques

South Haven Antiques – You just can’t beat Sweet Pickins Antiques!

The “new” Sweet Pickins Antique, Collectibles & Crafts Mall is located at 81 Blue Star Hwy in South Haven, Michigan 49090.

With that said, the original Sweet Pickins Antique Mall on M-43 Hwy towards Bangor is now closed as of September 29, 2014. (but the new store is fantastic too!)

South Haven Antiques

South Haven antiques are unique and fun, you can find so many different and unique items around here. Sweet Pickins Antiques puts them in one nice spot where you can come browse through all the different booths.

South Haven Antiques

There are a multitude of different vendors, all creatively displaying their unique, antique, collectible, vintage, or quality craft items in a building that is so easy to get to! With North Shore Gardens and The Transformation Barn all at the same address, you can surely make this a destination spot!

And of course, there is the World Famous Booth 21! This is a booth that reflects the uniqueness of the owner! Ask to tour Booth 21. They will smile.

South Haven Antiques

So stop in at Sweet Pickins Antique Mall, located at 81 Blue Star Hwy, South Haven, MI 49090. You will be delighted!

Hours: Monday thru Friday – 11AM to 6PM. Saturday & Sunday – 10AM to 5PM.

The best of South Haven Antiques!

South Haven Antiques, Sweet Pickins and Springtime!

South Haven Antiques and Sweet Pickins Antiques Celebrate Spring 2014!

With a long brutal, ice cold, deep never ending snow, Spring has finally arrived and the Sweet Pickins vendors have been busy loading up the shop with all kinds of new (vintage) items for you!

South Haven Antiques


There are over 135 vendors, all with unique items displayed in a clean, well organized big red barn. You can leisurely walk through, browsing and remembering all those old memories when you spot an item you grew up with. Like taking a stroll down memory lane!

Sweet Pickins Antique Mall


Handmade leather crafts, purses, wallets and even American Doll handmade clothes, plus other crafts, really cool ones, can be found at Sweet Pickins Antique Mall.

South Haven Antiques


So come on out and take a stroll through memory lane, buy some really cool furnishings for your house, or even a vintage outfit to wear. Don’t forget, there is a lot of really neat vintage jewelry and accessory items.

Sweet Pickins Antique Mall hours right now are Thursday thru Sunday, 11AM to 6PM. We are located at 65181 M-43 Hwy, Bangor, MI 49013. That is about halfway between South Haven and Bangor. Just look for the flags and the big red barn with a vintage pickup truck in the front yard.

South Haven Antiques and Sweet Pickins Antiques are pretty much the same. One super cool place with some great people.

See you soon!

The Best South Haven Antiques – Sweet Pickins Antique Mall

South Haven Antiques and Sweet Pickins Antique and Collectible Mall

Just to let you know, some changes are coming up this winter. Here they are:

Closed Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013

Open Friday November 29, 2013 for Sweet Friday! Sales run from the 29th thru December 2nd. Hours, 9AM to 6PM.

Christmas Open House – December 12th  thru the 16th, with refreshments on December 14th.

New Winter Hours: 

Closed December 23, 2013 thru January 8th, 2014. Will open January 9th at 11AM until 6PM. Sweet Pickins will then be open Thursday thru Sunday 11AM to 6PM. (closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

South Haven Antiques and Sweet Pickins Antique Mall want you to experience the holiday shopping season with some great sales from over 135 vendors, all selling some pretty unique vintage and collectible items.

Check out the latest video!


Sweet Pickins Antique Mall, South Haven Antiques, Vintage, Antiques

Have you ever wondered what to give that hard-to-buy-for person? Why not find a unique item from the period that person grew up in? Jog some old pleasant memories of a by-gone era, or find something that they used to have as a child.

Vintage collectibles abound at Sweet Pickins! From vintage industrial pieces, to fabulous costume jewelry. There are some fantastic hand crafted leather purses and incredible glassware. It’s all here.

south haven antiques


This is a wonderful quality, custom made sofa* that includes a complete set of extra slip covers in a different custom fabric! It is oh so comfortable! (and large!)

South Haven Antiques


Christmas Holidays at Sweet Pickins Antiques! There are a number of booths with holiday items! Join in on the festive shopping!

South Haven Antiques


Vintage collectibles galore! Hey guys, there is a ton of great man cave stuff in here, it’s not all just fancy antique stuff that you can’t handle!

Sweet Pickins Antique Mall is located between South Haven and Bangor on M-43 Hwy in a BIG red barn. Here is the address: 65181 M-43 Hwy, Bangor, MI 49013.

Call if you need more information – 269-427-5600

The best South Haven Antiques are at Sweet Pickins!

*Pictures show what is/was on the floor when this post was made. The items and stock is constantly changing. Most items are one of a kind, and when sold, are gone. So get in early and often to find the items you want.


South Haven Antiques, Sweet Pickins Antique Mall

South Haven Antiques is BOOTH 21 at Sweet Pickins Antique Mall

Sweet Pickins Antique and Collectible Mall, halfway between South Haven and Bangor on M-43 Hwy is OPEN for 2013!

It is promising to be a fantastic year for picking and Booth 21 has ample stock to keep it full of interesting items all year long.  (watch it on YouTube)

I have been picking all winter at my secret honey hole and came up with some great items, some antique, some collectibles, and many vintage, interesting and unique pieces that you may not see every day.

Sweet Pickins Antique Mall is fast establishing itself as a antique hunter’s destination antique shop. Collectors of all kinds are pleasantly surprised at the variety of merchandise being offered by over 80 vendors.

The mall itself is in a huge red barn out in the country, a former collector car museum. It is very well organized and laid out extremely well. It is also the cleanest antique mall you will step foot in.

Mid century modern


How about a 1960’s folding leaf table with 2 chairs? (mid century modern?)

Sweet Pickins has a wonderful friendly staff that is knowledgeable and very helpful. Just ask them, and they will help you find what you are looking for.

The coffee is hot, tasty, and free. If Annette has any baked goods when you stop in, DO NOT HESITATE to try some. Her baked goods make me weak in the knees!

Blenko glass bowl

For over 100 years skilled craftsmen have been producing Blenko Glass! (BOOTH 21)

So take a short drive down M-43 to Sweet Pickins Antique and Collectible Mall to browse, buy, and have a great time. You will be amazed!

The address is 65181 M-43 Hwy, Bangor MI, 49013.

You can also visit Sweet Pickins website at

Be sure to visit BOOTH 21 for the best deals on vintage and unique items!


South Haven Antiques is at Sweet Pickins Antique Mall

South Haven Antiques is actually Booth 21 at Sweet Pickins Antique and Collectibles Mall.

I have been filling Booth 21 at Sweet Pickins Antique Mall for over a year now. It has been a blast! I have learned so much, bought and sold a ton of really cool stuff, and am so pleased to be a part of this fantastic Sweet Pickins “thang” going on here!

South Haven Antiques

Like shiny jewels!

If you have not been to Sweet Pickins Antiques and Collectibles Mall, located at 65181 M-43 Hwy, Bangor, MI 49013 for all of you who need directions, or need a address to punch into your GPS. It is about half way between South Haven and Bangor. Look for the BIG red barn with the flags out front.

When you walk into Sweet Pickins, someone is always welcoming you. I like that. They are friendly, personable, and knowledgeable. And if there are any home baked snacks that Annette has baked, DO NOT MISS THEM!

Booth 21 Sweet Pickins Antiques

Booth 21 is my booth. It has been such a joy to have found something I enjoy doing so much at this point in life. I have always collected things, but never really wanted to sell any of them. That is until my wife rented me this booth for our 18th wedding anniversary so I could lighten my load of barn stuff.

It has now become somewhat of a mild addiction hunting for items to sell in my booth. I just try to look for old vintage, antique, or collectible “things” that I like and think others may appreciate too! Priced very reasonable, because I know how much I like the feeling of getting a deal as well as you do.

To view at YouTube –

I have acquired many projects over the summer to work on this winter. I can’t wait for the new spring season opener at Sweet Pickins. There will be a short recess/break from December 23, 2012 and re-opening again on February 21, 2013.

So come out to Sweet Pickins and ask for Booth 21 – they will surely smile and give you directions. (hint: it’s the one with duck decoys above the booth!)

Have a great Christmas shopping season and don’t forget that the best, unique gifts for that special person are right here at Sweet Pickins Antiques and Collectibles Mall. Don’t forget that South Haven Antiques and Booth 21 sent you on this fantastic voyage.

Local Picker

PS. Visit the photo page –

PPS. Visit Sweet Pickins website –

South Haven Antiques, Bangor Antiques = Sweet Pickins

South Haven antiques are getting better!

Have you been to Sweet Pickins Antiques and Collectibles Mall lately?

This place is rockin with some great new vendors injecting even more positive energy into this antique shopping destination. It is hard to imagine it constantly getting better than the previous week – but it does.

South Haven Antiques

There are really incredible antiques, awesome, hard to find collectibles, and some handmade crafts that will excite you! There are some great “primitive” vendors, (I like primitives and mid century modern – well almost anything old and unique!) that have the most beautiful booths set up displaying their wares.

Sweet Pickins Antique Mall

The people that work at Sweet Pickins are about as friendly as can be. The coffee is free for the asking (and it’s goooood!). Plus if Annette has baked anything, do whatever you can to get a muffin, cookie, or other snack in your hand, and then your mouth! I think her baking could be a biz in itself!

Now, I want you to make sure you visit the world famous “Booth 21”. There you will find unique stuff from a unique individual. When you go in to Sweet Pickins, you will be greeted “Welcome to Sweet Pickins”. Immediately askWhere is the famous Booth 21? Big smiles will be seen! (They may even give you 10% off if you purchase anything from Booth 21!)

South Haven Antiques

As with all the booths, the content is always changing. You just never know what you will see from visit to visit. So my advice is, if you like it, have never seen one before, or is so rare, BUY IT. It may not be available if you wait.

As usual, be sure to check out and also Booth 21’s Facebook page at

You all come back now!



Happy 1 Year Anniversary Sweet Pickins, South Haven Antiques

South Haven Antiques – Happy Anniversary Sweet Pickins!

It has been a fantastic year at Sweet Pickins Antiques, Collectibles and Crafts. Annette and Ken, the owners, have poured their heart and soul into this wonderful passion of theirs.  And everyone of us can benefit from that!

South Haven Antiques

70+ Unique Vendors

When I first walked into Sweet Pickins Antiques ten months ago, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  I had some antique furniture I wanted to sell on consignment and had not even a whiff of what was about to happen.

My wife said, “why don’t you just rent a booth and sell your furniture and collectibles yourself”? I had never even thought about that but said “what the heck, a new adventure”!  I have now been bitten by the antique bug and have come down with a severe case of “antique pox”! (my wife paid my 1st months rent as an anniversary gift to me!)

Sweet Pickins Antiques Booth 21

I have been having a ball visiting my booth 21, stocking it with treasures I have collected over the years and “new” finds that I run across at estate sales or purchased from private parties. I did not even have a clue that I would sell so many items and realize what fun would be derived from this adventure!

So stop in at Sweet Pickins Antiques, Collectibles, and Crafts for a unique shopping experience.  The owners are very friendly and offer free coffee to compliment your excursion into vintage wonderland. And if there are any snacks on the day you visit, by all means snatch one up, as the baker/cook is awesome.  Like “make you weak in the knees” good!

Oh yeah, stop in and check out BOOTH 21 for the best deals! Ask someone where it is, or look for the duck decoys above the booth entrance. (it’s off to the left when you walk in). If you mention you saw this website, I’ll give you 10% off any purchase!

Here is the latest Sweet Pickins Video…

Be sure to stop in to Sweet Pickins Antiques, Collectibles and Crafts at 65181 M-43 Hwy, Bangor, MI, 49013. It’s halfway between South Haven and Bangor.  Look for the flags and big red barn.

Don’t forget to shop BOOTH 21 and get your 10% off!

Local Picker,
Thomas Fouts

Thomas Fouts


The Best South Haven Antiques – Sweet Pickins Antiques

Looking for South Haven Antiques, Collectibles, and Homemade Local Crafts?

South Haven Antiques Sweet Pickens

Sweet Pickins 65181 M-43 Hwy, Bangor MI 49013

Sweet Pickins is THE place.  A beautiful big, big, bright red barn filled with antiques, collectibles and crafts from a large variety of vendors.  With so many different vendors you are sure to get a full spectrum of choices.  Some you would find nowhere else!

From fine classic antique furniture to collectible gas pumps, to homemade local crafts, you get to browse them all in a pleasant atmosphere.  This will grow into one of the best antique shops in the region.

They even have a snack area where you can grab a cup of joe and a muffin. Mmmm!

South Haven Antiques

#21 Great bargains here!

So come on down to Sweet Pickins and meet the friendly owners and browse till your hearts content.


65181 M-43 Hwy
Bangor, MI  49013

To get there from South Haven, Michigan, take M-43 east, over the expressway, around the roundabout, and 5 more miles to the big red barn with a fence and flags in front.

To get there from Bangor, Michigan, head west on M-43, the main east/west road through downtown Bangor, travel 4 miles or so to the big red barn on your left.  You can't miss it!

Tell them the old smiley guy from booth 21 sent you!

Now go have some "pickin" fun!


Sweet Pickins Antiques